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Our Story

It all started with a great desire of exporting agricultural products from Ecuador internationally, in order for these products to be recognized and widely consumed. This dream became a reality due to the effort, support, tenacity, responsibility and perseverance of our founding members in achieving the set goal of having our products recognized worldwide.

Translatin is a company founded in 2005, under the laws of Ecuador, providing jobs in different cities of our country. Our main activity is to export traditional and non-traditional products to main markets such as The United States of America, Europe and Central America. 

All of our exports are carried out through the VIM and TRANSLATIN brand, and our main export products are: Barraganete Plantain, Malanga, Eddoe, Yuca, Lime, Pineapple, Mango, Ginger, among others. These products are very much appealing in international markets due to its pleasant taste.
Our export quality has allowed us to enter our products into a competitive market, and therefore, it is necessary for us to comply with the standards and rules established by the law and rely on the experience of our highly qualified staff.


To consolidate the agricultural and food development through exports, with the purpose of expanding and diversifying our product supply into the world market.

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To be nationally and internationally recognized as a competitive company that is highly organized and integrated in the logistics and shipment of agri-food products, characterized by offering fresh and top products in accordance with international market requirements.   


In our expansion stage we are developing a project that consists of the construction of a new packing plant to processes every agricultural product that we offer. It is located in El Carmen, Manabí, Ecuador.

With this packing house we look to grow our business associates, who everyday rely on our products, quality and relations.

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In our plantations we have products such as:  Barraganete Plantains, White Malanga, Purple Malanga, Eddoe, Yucca, Lime, Ginger, Mango, Pineapple, among others.

These products are on demand in international markets, due to its dietary properties and delicious flavor.

These plantations are located in the following provinces: Francisco de Orellana, Guayas, Manabí.

Social Commitment

We work closely together with indigenous suppliers from communities in eastern Ecuador, promoting their empowerment, improving their quality of life while respecting their customs and traditions.

We pay fair prices, work with social awareness, provide constant training on agriculture, administration, society and the environment.